Our History

Parvest Machinery Company Ltd. was established in the year 2002, as being one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of post-press finishing equipment aiming to connect the lamination technology with reasonable and reliable products and services. We also market and provide services, especially for researching and developing the laminating gadgets and devices. Some of our major departments include the R&D department, the manufacturing department, international trading department and the last but never the least: the service department; all for the needs of our customers looking for the best Window Patching Machine & relative products. We have about 45 hard working and dedicated employees who strive for more with each product achieved to provide the best quality goods to our valuable clients all around the world.

We manufacture different types of post-press finishing machineries and equipment, from which, some are;, Flatbed Die Cutter,  , Folder Gluer/Plasma treater and Cold Glue System, Window Patching Machine and many others of the similar kind and nature. We do our best to produce the best quality goods and services for our international and local clients. We do not compromise on quality and performance from our product that is availed by our customers and the end-users. We have our own strict quality control system which is certified from the QIP-ASI121543 official certificate.

We provide various different types of windows patching machines as well. One special type of such machine is a combination of patching machine and lining machine. These machines are convenient to use and have proven to be very cost effective in the long term.

Our aim is to provide our clients a full range of post-press converting equipment, solventless lamination machine and specialized services in other lamination processes including the recently trending Flute Laminating Machine; we believe in "Harmony, Innovation and after-sales Services", to make our clients feel the satisfaction, relaxation and the happiness with our transactions and placed orders, and to help our clients create more value. Increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) is a must for every company and sole-proprietor (especially) hence our goods and services will guarantee your business a long-term help and support without hindering any of your daily-routine business methods.

You will easily get the best output possible and the most immaculate efficiency level through our machines ranging from the Window patching machine to the Flatbed die cutter and all the others referred below.